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Working Stages

First I introduce our working process with an example of a finished project. In this case, the procedure is the same for the creation both of exterior and interior renders.  
Once received the final plans we start with the modelling of the project and its surroundings. As it is finished we will send you basic renders to check that everything is in its place
In our case, we will verify that the archive file is accurately imported in our software. If not we will make the adjustments required.
Once this first stage is over, we will proceed to texturize and illuminate the scene so as to give shape to each image. We will take reference images to emulate colour palettes, textures, settings, etc.
Using a good reference is crucial for achieving the best results. Its allows us to represent each material and colour in the correct way
Lastly, we will make the post-production of each image in which we will adjust colours and so on.
For each render ordered, the client has three free drafts. With those, he can make all the modifications that consider necessary.
Why do we use this method? For information flow, to be more precise and none modification is made without a purpose. 
Each draft is already edited as a final image. Completely textured, illuminated, set and post-produced.

To learn more about our work procedure, check our case study

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